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Vendors typically provide potential users with "vendor friendly" IT contracts and place the burden on users to level the playing field through revising and negotiating modifications. Why begin the acquisition process first and goal at your 5 yard line? Context offers IT users with a better game plan. The game plan starts with Context's large repository of IT contract templates. Each Context IT contract template is drafted to protect an IT user's interests and offers an IT user with an alternative "user friendly" contract to begin the acquisition process.

The Repository

Context's repository of "user friendly" IT contract templates contain numerous contract forms to address a wide-variety of IT acquisitions. Context's repository consists of, for example, the following IT contract templates:

  • Software License Agreement
  • Hardware Purchase Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement (mutual and one-way)
  • System Acquisition Agreement
  • Application Hosting Agreement
  • Hosting Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement

The Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, available via the below link, is just one of the many IT contract templates available to IT users.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Customization: Context can also customize any Context contract template to include your organization's desired provisions and specific requirements. Such would enable the organization to ensure that terms and standards which are important to the organization are included in each template provided to an IT vendor.

Annotation: Context can also annotate each customized contract template to enable an organization's internal users to not only better understand each provision, but also to provide internal users with contractual fallback language which has been approved by the organization. The inclusion of fallback language would not only enhance an organization's internal ability to negotiate IT contracts, but would also enable uniform application of an organization's standards.

Available via the following link is a portion of an annotated IT contract, which serves only as a sample of what Context can provide to your organization:

Annotated IT Contract

Please contact Context for more information on how Context's IT contract template repository will streamline your organization's standards and, ultimately, the IT contracting process.

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