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Contract Management Tool

Context's proprietary contract management solution goes beyond typical applications that merely store completed contracts. Our solution is designed to facilitate the contracting process each step of the way.

Engagement Onboarding

Your business unit representatives access Context's engagement Onboarding page via your company's intranet or Context's secure portal. If applicable, an alert is sent to your company's procurement department regarding the specific business need.

Contract Management/Dashboard

Context's interactive dashboard alerts procurement as new contract requests come in from the Onboarding page and displays other useful information, including active contracts, negotiated savings, pending tasks and more.


Context's template vault allows for easy access to client-specific template agreements and other checklists developed by BSSD.

Regulatory Tracking

Health care providers, health insurance companies, financial services companies and other regulated companies need to be careful that legally-required documentation and contracts are included as part of certain engagements – especially those that involve the transfer of personal information (e.g. personal health information, personal financial information). Context's solution facilitates compliance by alerting procurement that side agreements or other compliance documentation is necessary.

Contract Summary

Context can provide your company with an executive summary of each of your engagements. These summaries can be tailored to your company's needs and specifications, including legal and commercial risks, negotiated savings and other relevant information.

Automated Signature Process

Too often, the procurement team will complete a time sensitive agreement, only to discover that the signer is unavailable. The solution's e-signature feature allows signers to review and execute finalized agreements from remote locations – all in compliance with relevant e-signature laws.

Contract Vault with Alerts and Reporting

Context's solution stores all of your contracts in a searchable, "intelligent" repository. Key contract dates (e.g. termination dates, support renewals, payment milestones) are flagged in the alerts feature and the final agreements can be stored in a searchable format. Additionally, the reporting tool allows you to track assets and analyze trends and data on a macro level.

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